Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sarge's Midweek Update

Happy new year troops! Sarge here with your midweek update for this first full week of 2011.

In case you missed it last week, a 23 year old male from Clemson, South Carolina attempted to reenact the famous Seinfeld/George Costanza Frogger scene sans machine on a very busy highway intersection on December 29th. The unfortunate "Frogger/human player" did not succeed in making to the lily pad as he was abruptly stopped by a speeding Lexus SUV. While unfortunately hospitalized, he is currently in stable condition.

No comment from Jason Alexander was made following the unfortunate accident. We here at advise our viewers to please use common sense while enjoying video games.

In other news, Pac-Man made an appearance the annual New Year's Rose Parade. Celebrating 30 years of dot chomping enjoyment, the Pac-Man float, balloon, marching band, and cheerleaders made their appearance at the 122-year old Tournament of Roses Parade. Videos of the float can be found here.

Both Nick! and 2600 have been working on the Sega Strike Fighter, Sega Airline Pilots, and the Dreadstorm Pirates videos. Be on the lookout for those reviews in the near future.

Sarge out!

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