Monday, February 7, 2011

Double your Pleasure with Cave's upcoming 360 Double Pack!

It's no secret that we are huge...HUGE fans of the arcade company Cave and their relentless bullet hell shmups. One specific game title has always caught my interest, but has unfortunately not had a home port release. Add the fact that the pcb demands a fairly high price (around $800 bucks) and is somewhat rare in the U S of A and you get a mixture that equals no fun. Throw in this zany video for promoting the game in Japan and the want, no NEED to play this game becomes ten fold:

That is Muchi Muchi Pork and the wondrous people at Cave have not only announced a home port version of this zany game for the 360, but they went ahead and upped the stakes by making it a double pack with one of their other bullet hell Pink Sweets (Ibara II). Now if that wasn't enough, it has been announced that this soon to be classic double pack is also region free! This decision was due to the overwhelming support of the fans so be sure to continue to show some love for Cave and maybe we can see more region free releases and (gasp) maybe even more of their games released in the US like Deathsmiles!

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