Tuesday, November 29, 2011

F-Zero AX Playthrough

Nick here with a bonus video from my time at The Game Station in Disney World! Here's a look at the super rare deluxe unit of F-Zero AX from Nintendo and Sega! For some reason this game didn't do well in arcades and many never carried it. From one F-Zero fan site they report less then 20 machines of F-Zero AX are still working in North America. Not sure on the exact number, but this machine and two others in Vegas are the only ones I've played.

The game includes a memory card slot for your GameCube memory card that you can transfer points too to unlock bonus goodies in F-Zero GX. I didn't even think they'd still have the game so I didn't bring mine. I've had the old license card in my wallet since I played the game back when they had it on the first floor. The guys at The Game Station know it's a rare game, so they keep it in good shape. So if you ever visit the Game Station, make sure to give it a try and bring your memory card!

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