Friday, November 25, 2011

The Game Station

Hey kids, hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and if you were crazy enough to go out today, a safe Black Friday. As much as I love a good deal, I'm not up for getting hit in the face with pepper spray over an Xbox and TV.

Today I've got another part of the Disney World Walkthrough series and it's the new arcade that's located on the 4th floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort, it's The Game Station. Up till a few years ago the arcade used to be located on the first floor and was gigantic. I still remember going there as a kid and being floored by the size of the place. Every game you could think of, they had. It was amazing. Sadly due to them renovating the hotel and the downsizing of all of the arcades, it's now housed on the 4th floor. So while it is much smaller then even other Disney hotel arcades, the quality of the games is bar none the best. I'd like to once again thank, Robin, Henry and Domato for all of their hard work keeping this place the best arcade in Walt Disney World.

I'm going to have another "talking head" video of something I want to try to do and another video of me attempting to play F-Zero AX one handed on the Mute City track. So stay tuned!

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