Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Disney's Penny Arcade Games

Before the dawn of video games and even pinball existed the Penny Arcade. Places where you could go and play coin op mechanical games and even watch short films for pocket change. Up till the mid 90's there used Main Street USA in Walt Disney World used to have a Magic Shop and next door was the Penny Arcade. When you walked in it was like being blasted right back to the early 1900's. They had tons of old Nickelodeons, strength testers, sports games and pinball. All things that used to rule the roost before the advent of video games.

While the Magic Shop and Penny Arcade are long gone, some of the old games still exist around Disney World. I was surprised to see the "Play Football" game a few years ago in the train station and when I was eating dinner at Casey's I was drawn to the old Chicago Coin, Big League "Pitch n' Bat" game. After talking over with one of the workers, Preston, I decided to go on a quest and look for some of the old Penny Arcade games. I had heard that the Grand Floridian might have a few of the old games but due to time, I wasn't able to go over there and look. So take a trip back as I show off some of the old stuff that's still in Disney World!

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