Thursday, December 29, 2011

Help ACAM Get Some "New" Games!!

Hope you guys out there had a good holiday. I've been going through a lot of personal stuff, so sorry for not getting the last two Disney videos up. I missed this when Gary had this up on their ACAM Facebook wall, but today the fine folks over at Kotaku posted this on their site.

A private collector has contacted ACAM about buying up some of his old games, games that ACAM doesn't have yet. Those games are, Mad Planets, Space Dungeon, Solar Fox, Black Widow and the game we did a video review of above, Discs of Tron. Their goal is to raise $1,840 to get the machines. Right now as I type this they are almost half way at $733.40. They have up till Sunday, January 15th to raise the rest. So if you'd like to help Gary and the ACAM staff get the money they need, please feel free to hit the link below and donate online. They also have a mailing address if you'd rather send them a check.

Help ACAM get some new games by clicking here!!

Update: Tonight I checked to see the total. They made their goal in record time! Thanks to everybody that got the word out about this and for donating!

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