Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Pinball Arcade: May Update

As always, here's a look at the two newest games added to the iOS version of The Pinball Arcade! Cirqus Voltaire and Fun House were both added and they also fixed some problems with some of the other tables. You can now preform a super skill shot and use troll bombs on Medieval Madness and the skill shot was fixed on Bride of Pinbot, so you need to actually earn it then pulling the plunger all the way back.

There's still a few glitches and other details that they need to fix. Some people are saying the ball speed on Cirqus is too slow, I say the Boom Balloon doesn't hit hard enough and one of the playfield awards on Bride still says 10 Billion rather then 10 Million.

Like I said in the video, Farsight is trying to raise some money to help bring The Twilight Zone to the Pinball Arcade in a future update. When I recorded the video last night they just cracked the 19,000 dollar mark and as I write this post their a little almost at 23,000 dollars. They say they need to raise 55,000 dollars to pay for all the licenses in the game. CBS has to give permission to use the show, the estate of Rod Serling for his likeness and Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" song is in the game, so they need to cover that as well. They say if they get more then 55,000 they'll try to go for Star Trek: The Next Generation and other licensed games. I for one hope they'll get ZZ Top's permission to use La Grange if they ever decide to bring out The Getaway: High Speed II. You NEED to have that song included, it just makes the game.

So follow the link below and help them raise the money they need. If you donate at least 10 dollars they will let you download the table on your platform of choice, all but the 360. (Microsoft won't allow them to sell DLC, just full games) There's also more options like being included in future tournaments that will be implemented in The Pinball Arcade, t-shirts, Beta Testing and more! So click and help them out!

Pinball Arcade: The Twilight Zone

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