Saturday, June 16, 2012

Atari's 4 Player Football with Johnny D and Roo

One of the things I noticed when I first got to FunSpot on Wednesday night was that they fixed the Atari 4 Player Football game. It's been in the arcade for a while now but it never worked. Finally the game was up and running in all of it's black and white X's and O's glory. On Sunday Johnny D and Roo took a break from filming their stuff for Retroware and started playing, lucky for us I was there with my iPod Touch at the ready.

As you can see games on this get very hectic spinning the trackball in order to score a touchdown. Roo even got his arm pinched in the trackball. Ouch! Football injury! I just keep going back to the comment one of the "experts" made on Play Value when she said, "How can you do a sports game in the arcade, that's like impossible!" Well here you go, from 1979. Atari figured it out.

I wanna give a big thanks to Johnny D and Roo for letting me film them and be sure to check out all their stuff on Also another big thanks to Tom for getting the final shot of Roo's "football injury"!

I'm going to be uploading the videos that are already on YouTube onto Blip very soon, so stay tuned for those on Blip if you haven't seen them on the YouTube channel yet. I also finished up all four floor tour videos that I took in HD with the newer camera (with the light!) so be sure to subscribe and keep checking back for more videos!

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