Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retro Pinball's King of Diamonds

So on Wednesday night at FunSpot, I took a break from all the hustle and bustle on the 3rd floor of ACAM and decided to head down to the second floor for some much needed pinball and Outrun. When I went down I saw in the corner of the arcade was a pinball machine. Not just any pinball machine, but a new machine made to look and play just like the ones from way back when. It was Retro Pinball's King of Diamonds!

Retro Pinball is a new company that started in 2007 and they were able to secure the rights from Gottlieb to remake the game. This is one of only 100 units being produced. While the date on the game says 2009 it just came out this year. So it's been a while for them to get this game out. This machine in the video has a funny story to it. The team at Retro Pinball took this unit to PAX East for a panel on pinball they did along with the ACAM staff. During the convention they got a call saying one of their wive's started going into labor so they had to rush off and basically FunSpot is taking care of the machine till the team can come and pick the game up in the summer. So be sure to stop on by FunSpot soon because it won't be there.

Big thanks to Tim AKA Jumblejunkie for playing a game of it so I could show the score reels in action and also to Brent over at Extended Play Arcade for linking the video on their site today! For all of you coming from there, welcome! Hope you check out more of our tour videos and game reviews!

Retro Pinball 

PinballNews.Com's Review of King of Diamonds. (A Must to check out!)

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