Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Pinball Arcade: June Update

Hey folks! Just a few days ago the June update for The Pinball Arcade hit the Apple App Store so here I am with the video look at Gorgar and Monster Bash. The Pinball Arcade is going to be Apple's App of The Week soon so if you don't have the game yet be sure to look for it.

I still want to issue a complaint with the game. If you look now on the App Store you'll see there's a free version and a 99 cent version that gives you Tales of The Arabian Nights. When I downloaded the game the night it came out on the App Store the 99 cent version wasn't an option, just the free version. For some reason you can not share the table downloads between the versions of the game. So while I've paid for every table that's come out it's only on the "Free Version" and not the actual paid version. A few days ago the Farsight team was saying Apple wanted them to drop the free version to lessen confusion which means they might drop support on the free version. I really hope somebody from Farsight is reading this. I have nothing but the utmost respect and wish you guys the best, but I will not download all of the tables again just so I can have access to the Facebook leaderboards. Please considered combining the apps together so everybody can use the tables that they paid for.

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