Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hershey Park's Minetown Arcade: First Impressions

Hey folks, if you watched the last video I did of the June Pinball Arcade update you may have heard I was going somewhere. Well, last weekend my family and I visited Hershey Park! One of the things I love about Hershey Park is their "Preview Pass". If you show up at the park three hours before they close you can ask to do the preview. You pay full price, but they will let you in the park till it closes, then you can come back all of the next day, so it's like a pass and a half.

This video is more of a first impression video. I got to the arcade around twenty minutes before the park closed so I wasn't able to play anything to give my full thoughts. So be sure to stay tuned because I took another video the next day with my thoughts and without the super loud background music too!

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