Monday, July 2, 2012

Reciprocal Skateboards Tour July 2012

Hey folks. This weekend I swung by the ol' skate shop in NYC to see what our good friend Jon had brewing. He got the T3 and Time Expander in Doctor Who back up and running and he also put in LED's in a few spots to highlight some areas and to add more color. He also recently got in a Sega Lost in Space machine. Only 500 units were made back in 1998. Maybe the saw how bad the movie was bombing at the box office and pulled it early? The game itself is very multiball friendly. Just for getting the ball into the pop bumpers you'll get a multiball, you get one for spelling out ROBOT and there's the main "Condition Red" multiball that uses the magnetic spinner. It's a really awesome effect. All the balls load in right on top of the magnet and stick there for a few seconds, then the spinner goes on and the magnet shuts off throwing the balls throughout the playfield.

Also, If you like what Jon's doing, please click on the link below to help Jon get a small business grant from Chase!

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