Monday, July 9, 2012

Hershey Park's Minetown Arcade: 2nd Impressions

Hey folks. I wanted this up a couple of days ago but with 4th of July, family stuff and Evo this weekend I've been doing other stuff.

Here's my second impressions of Hershey Park's Minetown Arcade. I had spent a good hour so I got to play a lot of the games and most of them work fine, it's the pinball machines that are sorely lacking. Sadly the only machine in the Minetown arcade that works is Monopoly, every game along the wall is powered on, but doesn't work. Some people were even peeling back the Out of Order stickers to try to play them.

The second arcade in Hershey Park, "The Play Dome" I wasn't able to get just because it's a lot smaller and crowded with tons of kids and parents. The games in the Play Dome are run by an operator. So if you go there you'll find newer games that the Minetown doesn't have. All of the games in Minetown are Hershey Park's, I check their all labeled. The Play Dome has the Dirty Drivin' Machine from Raw Thrills and Spectacular Interactive, which you'll be seeing a video of next along with a video review too!

So thanks for watching and stay tuned for a one handed shakey cam look at Dirty Drivin'!

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