Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dirty Drivin' Playthrough

During my trip a few weeks ago to Hershey Park I was very interested in checking out the arcades since I haven't been there in a few years. As I've said before if you're going to an amusement park like Hershey, Disney, Bush Gardens, etc just for the arcade then that's stupid. One because there's so much stuff to do and also that places are jacking up the price of tickets to pretty much encourage you to get an annual pass. So for me, once I do the coasters I wanna swing by the arcade for a couple of games.

As I said in the previous video, the arcade games in Minetown are all owned by Hershey Park. That's why you see a large amount of 80's classics, skee-ball and other ticket based games. The Play-Dome arcade pretty much has always been run by an operator. Years ago they had an amazing pinball line up with Cactus Canyon and Monster Bash to name a few. Now the Play-Dome is pretty much the redemption center housing the brand new Wizard of Oz token pusher that's been raking in the cash, crane games and a couple of shooters. But the very first game that I saw and made me say "Holy shit!" out loud was the new Dirty Drivin' from Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills.

Tomorrow I'll have another video of the game, as a review. I'm gonna run you though what I thought about this new game, so check back in tomorrow and see!

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