Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pac-Man Battle Royal: Quick Play!

Here's a quick look at Namco/Bandai's Pac-Man Battle Royal. Special thanks to Craig for coming along so I could get a video of a game with another player. As I said in the video this game has to be played multiplayer. The computer offers no challenge at all. I played the game while I was at Disney Quest and the AI just seemed to run around blind and didn't bother to chase after me or even get the Power Pellet.  This version of the machine in this video is an exclusive version you can only find at Dave and Busters. There's also a standard cocktail version that came out first.

I also visited Hershey Park last weekend. It was a total waste. It was so crowded that I'm surprised they didn't turn people away. Every coaster was over an hour and a half wait. I waited for one called "The Great Bear" which is an inverted coaster like Batman at Six Flags. At first the line was moving smooth but it just stopped. I then saw a train finally go by with no riders in it and after another ten minutes I just said to myself, "Hell with this, I'm gonna play some video games..." Even the arcades were crowded so I didn't take any video. They had a lot more games down from the last time I visited and I also saw a couple of games missing. One of the most popular redemption games was the new Wizard of Oz token pusher. I really wanted to get a video of it but for some reason the game was gone. No idea why. Lots of people played it, not sure if something on it broke or maybe the people working the counter got sick of having to count the special tokens.

Well, anyways. Be sure to keep it here for some more pinball videos that I shot while I was in New York City!

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