Friday, August 24, 2012

More Dirty Drivin'!

Hey folks, Nick here with some more bonus videos. A few weeks ago my buddy Craig and I visited Jon A Reciprocal Skateboards. Later, we went to his local Dave and Busters to check out what they had new. Of course they had a ton of new redemption machines like a gigantic version of Connect 4, a super deluxe version of Stacker and even a game that looked like Plinko from The Price is Right.

Till Labor Day, Dave and Busters is having an event called "The Games of Summer". With any point card you get two free games on select games. One is a four player air hockey table, where it gets really insane, another new redemption game called Speed of Light and finally Specualr Interactive's, Dirty Drivin'! So now if you've got a Dave and Busters, there's a good chance they have at least two units of the game to play. So to further whet your appetite for more, check out the video that Craig was kind enough to help me film! No more shakey-cam here!

Enjoy the video and we'll have more Quick Play videos to come soon!

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