Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation Kickstarter

Nope, this isn't a re-post. Once again the fine fellows at Farsight are asking for your help to bring Star Trek: The Next Generation to The Pinball Arcade. The last time they were trying to raise funds for The Twilight Zone, when they went over they tried to double their goal to also include TNG, but sadly they didn't make it. Now they pooled the extra money they got from their last effort and their putting it into this. As of right now their at almost 29,000 dollars and their looking to raise 45,000. They've got 25 days to go so if you'd like to help you can donate at the link below. A ten dollar donation will get you the game on your platform of choice and they've got other bonuses like Beta Test access, t-shirts and signed copies of Williams Pinball Hall of Fame.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Kickstarter

Make it so! Donate today!

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