Monday, August 20, 2012

Twilight Zone: Quick Play!

This past Tuesday my friend Craig and I visited Reciprocal Skateboards in New York City. I took the HQ camera along with the tripod to get some gameplay of some of the tables that Jon has in the second part of his shop. These videos are going to be just quick gameplay videos. I had wanted to do them like reviews where I'd show the table off then play an narrate but for some reason it got really crowded on a Tuesday afternoon of people playing pinball. So I was able to play almost all of the games when I first got there and as an added plus, no music so you get just the game.

Tomorrow I'll have the link if you'd like to donate to Farsight's effort to bring Star Trek: The Next Generation to Pinball Arcade. As I type this their at almost 24,000 dollars of the 45,000 they need to bring the game out this winter. So enjoy this quick video and stay tuned for more!

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