Monday, September 10, 2012

Reciprocal Skateboards Tour September 2012

Yesterday I took another visit to my favorite pinball stop in New York City, Reciprocal Skateboards. Since the last tour in July a few games got moved around and two got replaced. The last tour in July I took the Doctor Who machine has a new home at the Max Fish bar where it's currently in their pinball league. Doctor Dude broke and was replaced by a Starship Troopers from Sega. (While it's on in the video, the machine is down due to a broken switch that won't release the ball, but it'll be fixed soon.) Finally Jon traded his Tron for a Spider-Man which I think is light years better so I made sure I got in a lot of games before I left.

There was also the announcement of the next "Pinferno" tournament that will take place on Saturday January 13th, 2013.As of now Jon just has the date set, nothing about how much the entree fees will be or what games will be used. He was joking with me yesterday saying he wanted it to be all Sega games or just something to throw a monkey wrench into it.

I took a ton of videos with the HD Camera so be sure to keep checking in here for some more pinball videos!

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