Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Wizard of Oz Game Play Video

Hey folks. Almost forgot to show this off here on the site! Here's a new teaser video for Jersey Jack's Wizard of Oz. Jack himself took a video and had it up on his personal Facebook wall last week and I tried but couldn't get the video to embed. Thankfully they took some of that video and spliced it together with closeups so you can see the spinning mini playfield and the flying monkey capture ramp. The game has a really nice look to it with the multicolored LED's. It's got a Simpson's Pinball Party flavor to it with having not one but two mini playfields. Right now the game is playing with music and sound effects. There doesn't look like theirs any real rules but that will come soon enough. I'm looking forward to checking it out whenever it comes in at the skate shop, when it does I'll be sure to take a ton of videos and pictures! 

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