Saturday, October 27, 2012

Double Update! PlayStation All Stars and another Reciprocal Tour!

Sorry for not posting this up a few days ago, been really busy getting ready for my trip and preparing everything for Hurricane Sandy. This week I went to the city to visit some friends and play some pinball. I made a stop to see Jon at Reciprocal to check out his brand new Shadow machine. While the magnetic lock didn't work the rest of the game played near flawless. I'm still surprised that I passed up on this game when it came out. Guess I was too busy playing other Data East movie games.

Since there's a few more days left of the public beta here's some video I shot of the new PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale at the New York Comic Con. Not only were they showing off the latest build of the game that had more stages and characters they also had the game showing off on link play on the PS Vita so you can game against your friends even on the go. They also had the game set up in really cool Dynamo style arcade game cabs. I was able to get on the game twice. I played as Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Dante from the new DMC. It's odd because when I played it at Comic Con it felt floaty, on the beta it feels a little bit better. The one thing I noticed is it's better just to build up your super meter to level one and try to land a killing blow then spending the whole game trying to build up to level 3 for an attack that might get you 3-4 kills.

Since I'm going to be away next week I'm going to try to upload a video later tonight and just try to post it here later, so be on the lookout for a video tour of Brooklyn's Barcade!

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