Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tank! Tank! Tank! for the Wii U and the Shifty Look Arcade!

Here's more videos from the New York Comic Con. Today we're checking out some of the stuff the fine folks from Namco/Bandai brought to the show. Namco had two booths at Comic Con. The first one was their main booth that was showcasing some of their newest games. Mostly Naruto and an HD collection of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and 3 in a collection. Sadly nothing about bringing the amazing Playstation 3 Gundam Extreme arcade games to America. (I will end up importing it, but it sucks because they go for over 100 dollars a copy now from Play-Asia)

Set up in a corner they had two Wii U units set up. One had the new Wii U Edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that brings back the immortal classic Tekken Ball and adds new Nintendo character costume pieces. They also had a game I'm very excited about since I played the hell out of it on my trip to Disney World last year. A little game called Tank! Tank! Tank! Sadly the demo was only on one unit so there was no multiplayer, where the real game shines. The demo let you play two of the three stages of the giant monster melee and you could also play a free for all against other AI tanks. I spoke to one of the reps and he said the game will have online play so hopefully it'll be smooth so you can team up with friends to take down giant building robots.

I was really surprised with the new Wii U controller. When I first saw pictures of it I thought it was going to be heavy and bulky. I almost thought it was going to feel like the PSO Controller/Keyboard that came out on the Game Cube. It's so odd because it looks heavy but it's really light and just like most of Nintendo's controllers it feels nice in your hands. Tank! Tank! Tank! uses the Wii U Controller's camera to take a picture of yourself, just like the arcade unit. The one thing I hope they have as an option is to control the game "tank style". The controls had everything mapped to the one joystick and all of the buttons fired your weapons. In the arcade it uses two gas pedals to go back and forth. Hopefully they'll have an option to use duel analogs. I also asked if they'd make a Wii U version of Lucky and Wild. Two of the guys got a real kick out of that and one person had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

Finally over in the far corner of the Javits Center there was the Shifty Look Arcade. Shifty Look is a division of Namco/Bandai that takes Namco's characters and turns them into webcomics and cartoons. They were also selling some cool exclusive T-Shirts and other Pac-Man goodies. In the free play arcade they had a lot of Namco favorites like Rolling Thunder, Super Pac-Man and even a cocktail Pac-Man Battle Royal. What was really cool was they had three Japanese arcade games that were set up in Tekken 5 cabs. They had Wonder Momo: Battle Idol, Legend of Valkyrie and Bravoman. They were also promoting the new Bravoman animated series that will be staring voice actor Rob Paulson!

So I hope you all enjoyed the video. Be sure to check in later for more videos from the 2012 New York Comic Con!

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