Monday, October 15, 2012

Wizard of Oz Multiball

Here's a quick one before I upload the final HD version video with my trusty tripod. On Sunday I spoke to Jack for a few hours and he decided to hop on the game and give it a go. So I quickly took out my iPod and got a video of him playing the game. A few minutes later another player started up one of the Multiball modes that will be in the game, sadly the person playing wasn't very good and the balls drained quick, but for a few seconds you can hear the music they'll be using for the mode.

As I said before the code in the game is not finished. There's really no rules in the game yet. You could spell out Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion by going over the rollovers to activate the ball locks, hitting the RESCUE targets and the door will pop open the mini playfield on the left (I was able to sink the ball in three times) and hitting the pop bumpers will spell out a word in the haunted forest. A lot of people have been commenting on the music. Right now they only had the main theme and the other for Multiball, Jack told me they've heard what people have been saying and not to worry because there's music for every mode of the game.

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