Saturday, November 17, 2012

Circus Circus Walktrhough 2012

Part two of my look at the last arcades of The Strip continues with a look at the arcade at Circus Circus. I got there as soon as they opened the floor up so there wasn't anybody else there and no workers to check on me. This is one of two arcades at Circus Circus. The other one is more of a theme park called The Adventure Dome. I didn't bother taking video in there because the games they had were all in odd places. Some of them worked and others were shut off. There really was no rhyme or reason to the placement of the games. When you walked in they had some racing games including a third F-Zero AX machine but it had an error message on it saying "ERROR: GD ROM Not Found". They had a couple of other games that did work like Deadstorm Pirates and Taito's Welcome to Frightmare Land which was pretty good. Fans of Midway's CarnEvil should give it a play if you see it.

The games were a bit of a mixed bag. The two F-Zero AX machines had broken chairs that you couldn't adjust and of course somebody put them as far forward as they could. One of them I was able to push back so I could play it and to my surprise the card reader actually worked! What was really funny is that it had the date I first got the card, October 31st 2004. I've had the card in the back of my wallet ever since. I've only seen two other F-Zero AX machines and both of them didn't have working readers. The Turtles in Time machine worked pretty good, I pretty much just use Michelangelo since he's got that great lunging attack. I was only able to make it up to Mecha-Turtle in one coin. I ended up playing up to the mud boss at the end of Prehistoric Turtlesaurus and quit. Afterburner Climax had a fully working chair but the flight stick was, a bit stick and was hard to play. The few fighters I played worked fine as well as the Raiden 2 and Metal Slug 3 machines.

Hopefully you enjoyed this look at the arcade at Circus Circus, tune in next time for a look at the New York, New York arcade!

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