Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Excalibur's Fun Dungeon

Welcome to the final part of the "Last Arcades of The Strip". The final video is a look at The Fun Dungeon at The Excalibur. When I visited in 2004 they nice line up of games including, Martial Masters from IGS and even Giga Wing and Puzzle Fighter from Capcom. Now the place is mostly claw machines as far as the eye can see and some lightgun games. Most of the games I played were in sorry shape. The SNK Vs. Capcom machine had really sticky controls, the arc on the Indiana Jones pinball didn't work, defeating the purpose of playing it and the guns on Terminator Salvation didn't work, but a tech came by to fix it.

So that's pretty much it of the arcades at the strip. Really nothing left to them. If I had to pick a favorite out of all of them it'd be Circus Circus since they had a good mix of games and most of them worked alright.

You've seen the rest, now get ready for the best! Coming up in December I'll have high and low quality videos of The Pinball Hall of Fame, Insert Coin(s) and The Gemini Arcade Palace! I'll be showing off the low quality ones first, then onto the HD camera. Then you'll be seeing some of the rare machines in separate videos from the Hall of Fame! So be sure to subscribe, follow and like us so you don't miss out!

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