Sunday, November 4, 2012

Help Donate to The Red Cross

Hey everybody. I'm posting this video I shot back in 2007 of the Carousel Arcade from Seaside Heights in New Jersey. Before we discovered FunSpot in Retro Game Magazine this was our favorite place to go to play 80's games. We'd usually head over to 8 on The Break in Dunellen, then drive over to Seaside to play some classics and get some drinks. On Sunday my father and I left to go out to Las Vegas for the annual SEMA Show so every time I came back to the hotel it was very hard to watch and see the pictures of Seaside Heights, Cony Island and everything in general underwater and covered in sand. While my home was fine and we only lost power for a few hours, some of my family and friends are still without power and some have some flooding damage.

If you haven't already please visit to find out how you can donate and help these people in need. I hope these great places will be able to bounce back from all of these. When they do we'll be sure to share it with you.

Jack from Jersey Jack Pinball sent me over a link from New Jersey Amusements. Their running a collection drive to help out all of the people that lost their businesses on the Jersey Shore.

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