Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinball Night at Dave's!

A few months ago I joined the Long Island Arcade Collectors Club. It's a small group of folks headed by a guy I met a few years ago named Brendan. After the first meetup I went to they invited me to a party at one of the members, Dave's house. While here at Arcade Hunters I want to try to keep the focus on places where you can actually go and visit. I don't really feel right putting up a video of somebody's personal collection because you can't really go and knock on the front door and ask to play some games. The only personal collection I've shown off so far is Kevin who runs PAPA, but then again he opens up his collection to the public three times a year. But, after setting foot not even two minutes into Dave's man cave I knew I had to share it and Dave was nice enough for me to share it with you!

Dave's got a great collection of games all running in perfect order. The only game in the video not in his collection is the Black Knight 2000 which his friend brought over for the party, so it was really nice getting to play it again even though I was only able to lock one ball on the top playfield. It was also great to see somebody had Capcom's Breakshot (which I think is one of the best Pool themed pinball machines) and Black Rose which was the second table of it I've ever played. Pretty much every game in his collection is one I would like to own, maybe not Night Rider and No Fear, but still, that's a ton of great pinball tables packed into his basement.

I'd like to thank Dave for having me over and the rest of the members of the Long Island Arcade Club. I'll be sure to take a video during the next meetup!

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