Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gemini Arcade Palace: LQ Walkthrough

When I was asking online about which arcades other then the ones on The Strip, Insert Coin(s) and Pinball Hall of Fame I should hit up I got a couple of people saying that I should check out this place called The Gemini Arcade Palace. Going to the Gemini brought back fond memories of visiting Andy and Chie over at Tokyo Game Action. It's pretty much a Japanese music game arcade in Las Vegas. While they don't have the fighting game selection TGA had they do let you bring in your own consoles and sticks and you can rent a TV to play whatever you like. Naturally everybody just played Marvel 3 with a little Tekken Tag 2, Arcana Heart 3 and KoF XIII thrown in. They've also got three multigame units and a extra candy cab that one of the regulars, Remi, does a mystery game of the week. Lucky for me it was Konami's Salamander 2.(Life Force for those of you that aren't into shooters) I'll have a high quality tour coming soon, but enjoy this look at the Gemini Arcade Palace!

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