Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas (LQ Walkthrough)

The most important thing I wanted to see on my trip to Vegas was of course, The Pinball Hall of Fame. It wasn't open when I last went in 2004. A few years ago the owner Tim Arnold moved into this new larger building to house more of his games. What's really crazy is this isn't even a fraction of the games he owns. Tim own every game from Gottlieb, from their first down to their last game, Barb Wire. (Which sadly wasn't there, but he did have Waterworld.)

This is just a "quick" ten minute long walkthrough. The HD version is over 20 minutes long with looks down every row. I also recorded a ton of videos of some of the games like Game Show and even the brand new X-Men Magneto Limited Edition!

If your reading this on Saturday the 8th tonight is the second night of Two Bit's Retro Arcade's grand opening in New York City! I'll be there all day today, so if you're in the city be sure to check them out! Their located on 153 Essex. If you'd like more info check out their Facebook Page!

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