Thursday, January 3, 2013

Digital Press December 2012 NAVA Meet Up

It's been over a year since my last visit to Digital Press out in Jersey. Last Saturday Sid aka OldSchoolNYCGamer and I went out for the December NAVA meet up. A few things have changed from my last visit. First thing to note is that they have multiple game machines now. Their Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is running a Capcom CPS2 Multiboard, they have a dedicated racing game machine converted from an old Atari Pole Position and their normal MAME cab is still running.

The soda machine from the infamous James Rolfe video is gone replaced with a really rare Atari 2600 Retail Kiosk from the 1980's. The original ran on a special system that let you pick up to 30 games by spinning a dial, but now they have it running a Harmony multi-game cart with just about every 2600 game installed. It's pretty cool being able to load up whatever game you wanted and playing it. The mini museum is also different with this theme being The Legend of Zelda. They had almost all of the American versions of Zelda in the display. I'm kinda surprised they didn't leave in their Bandai Setallaview since it had the special version of BS Zelda.

Hope you enjoyed this extra special bonus video and the first post of 2013! Check back in all this month as I finish off with the last of my tour videos from Vegas, some from Florida and I've got a ton of new pinball videos in the works! So stay tuned!

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