Sunday, January 6, 2013

Insert Coin(s) Las Vegas Tour

When I joined Facebook a few years ago I started to hear about a new nightclub that was going to open in Las Vegas that was a "Video Game Lounge". I also got a friend request from the club's owner Chris asking if I could make it for the grand opening. Well, since I've got nothing I was never able to make it, but I kept up with the news and I saw how well the place was doing. The opening night they had a line to get into the place. So when I was finally able to go back to Las Vegas I knew Insert Coin(s) was going to be one of the places I visited.

I made it there almost an hour before they usually open and the owner Chris brought me in and showed me around. Inside you'll find over 30 different arcade games all set for 50 cent play. The bar is also fully stocked and rather then having TV's playing whatever sporting event is on at the time, all of the TV's are set up to either Playstation 3's or Xbox 360's running multiplayer games like Street Fighter IV, NHL Hockey and even Sonic Generations. They also do Table Service, but unlike other places you also get your choice of two consoles and you can pick a game from what they have. So if you feel like playing some classic NES games with a little Call of Duty split screen multiplayer deathmatch, then you're good to go.

It was really great getting to check this place out right as they opened, because they get REALLY crowded. So this is a good way to see a little of what they have when it's not rows deep of people trying to play games. It's well worth checking out if you're going down Freemont Street and they also opened up Insert Coin(s) Level 2 in Minneapolis. It's great to see places like Barcade, Insert Coin(s) and Two-Bit's bringing gaming together with a bar. It keeps the games social and encourages people to go out and play and not to just sit at home.

Check back in a couple of days for another look at The Gemini Arcade Palace!

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