Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pinferno VII Montage

As I said in the last update, I had wanted to piece this montage video I did onto the walkthrough tour of the skateshop for a more full video but Sony Vegas kept crashing on me when I tried to put them both together. So I had to upload them in two parts, sorry about that.

The thing you can't see in this video is how different the games play when their set up harder. As you saw in the first video stuff like the pegs that go on the outlanes and in the middle are gone leaving wide open holes. One of the guys joked to Jon, "Hey! You gotta problem with Tommy! There's a huge hole there on the right!" It's also funny being able to play Spider-Man as how it was intended, without the peg in the middle. Most people that know the game know the two ramps to do combo shots. The way the game was set, if the ball didn't make it all the way up the ramp, it'd go right down the middle. Even nudging the machine a little bit would set the tilt bob off, so scores on Spider-Man were pretty low throughout the day.

My biggest problem was I kept getting my worst game, World Cup Soccer. Steve from FunWithBonus told me he set the games up into two categories. Fast playing and slow playing. So he'd roll a die and that would be the one the group got to play. So of course whenever he rolled for my group I got WCS 4 out of 5 times. Every time I played it I either got 3rd or last. The one time I didn't play WCS I got Sonic's Mars Trek which everybody called "Evil in a Box" which I actually enjoyed, even though I only played two balls. I was watching other groups play the game and I saw a lot of what pinball players call "House Balls" where you'll plunge the ball and it'll bounce off of stuff, but it'll go right down the middle or towards and outlane without even the flippers touching the ball. The second game we got was Twilight Zone and I lucked out because when it was my turn to go up, I got the Power Ball, so I put it right back in for the Power Ball Mania Multiball mode.

Even though I had to play my worst game so many times and I ended up in a four way tie for 47th place, which I thought I'd get in the low 50's..I still had a lot of fun. It's great to be able to play a game I've played before at the skateshop but just set REALLY hard settings. As the machine's have been saying for years, "It's more fun to compete!" and it sure was! Here's looking forward to Pinferno 8! But before we go, lets take a look at another video from the tournament that my friend Eddie set up! It's over half an hour long, so make yourself something good to eat, sit back and enjoy!

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