Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Earth is Under Attack.... By Table Pack Number 8!

The newest Pinball Arcade update brings with it some new tweaks, new tables, a new tournament, prizes, and a free pro table for the month.

Finally Attack from Mars!

First new change the people over at Farsight Studios made was to tweak the new interface. You can now view the interface screen in portrait mode! No more turning your iOS device all Round to try and match up the screen. The update also brings a new tournament that is currently under way. The top 200 players with the most points at the end of this tournament win a custom ball. But now to the biggest news. Attack from Mars is FINALLY available!!! Ever since the first Pinball Hall of Fame we at Arcade Hunters have always wanted Attack from Mars to be included. Attack from Mars is one of our favorite pinball tables.

Besides Attack from Mars, Genie, a classic wide body pinball table is also available. Genie is a five flipper game that includes two flippers in the upper corner that creates a mini playfield area. Medieval Madness Pro rounds up the Table Pack #8 update as it is free to play for the month.

This update brings a lot of meat with. The new updated interface is a much needed addition. It was a pain prior to this to select tables in landscape mode, then to try and quickly turn the iPad to portrait mode to prevent the table from getting stuck in landscape mode. I only messed around with Attack from Mars briefly and it seems to play smoothly. Be sure to check back later in the week for more!

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