Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas Walkthrough Part 2

Well here it is, finally the second part of my walkthrough of the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. This part of the tour includes the row of the museum's arcade games and games from as early as the 30's up to the late 90's. Sorry for the video cutting off right at the end. I found out that the HD camera will automatically cut a video off if it goes over 20 minutes, so I should have cut the video after I spoke about Pinball Circus.

That marks the last walkthrough tour from Las Vegas, but I have two more arcade tour videos from my trip to Florida in December. Their not much but there's a brand new one and one that I get requests for a lot, so stay tuned for those. After that I've got a ton of pinball videos that I have from both Pinball Hall of Fame as well as some games from Reciprocal Skateboards! I will also be reviewing the other table packs from the Pinball Arcade that I missed due to wanting to get all the tour videos out once a week.

So be sure to check in next week for another tour video!

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