Friday, February 8, 2013

The King of Kong Arcade Walkthrough Tour

Around the beginning of 2011 news broke that Billy Mitchell himself was getting into the arcade business. The old arcade that used to be in the Orlando Airport called Alien Attack shut down and he opened up a new arcade called "The King of Kong Arcade"

I visited October of 2011 and as I said in the video I did take a video of the arcade but due to an Apple update I lost the video I took. This video was taken one year later after I visited and the only thing added in was the King of Kong branded Token Pusher machine. Every other game is the exact same, down to the prices. Like I thought the very first comment I got was "Where's the Donkey Kong machine?" and that's exactly what I asked Billy when I met him. He told me that he was thinking about it, but it wouldn't make as much money as a newer, current game. I can see his point but then again, like I said in the video it's like if you had an arcade called "The Pac-Man Palace" without a Pac-Man machine or "Al's Pinball Parlor" without a pinball machine.

For a themed arcade it's really cool the way they did the walls to look like all four stages of the arcade game. I kind of wish I could see the place without anything in it to see the work they did on the walls. You can also buy t-shirts and some of Billy's famous hot sauce. They didn't have all the flavors he has for sale on his website but the most popular chicken wing sauce is there along with the normal hot sauce.

Next week I've got another walkthrough tour of a brand new arcade that just opened up a few months ago at Disney's Art of Animation Resort. Pixel Play Arcade is coming up! So be sure to subscribe, like and follow us!

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