Friday, February 15, 2013

Pixel Play Arcade Walkthrough Tour

Here's the final walkthrough tour video of 2012! I shot this while I was on vacation in Disney World at the new Art of Animation Resort that just opened a few months earlier. The resort has a really cool look to it. The rooms have art from The Little Mermaid, Cars, Finding Nemo and The Lion King. When you walk around you see the front of the hotel looks like a sketchbook with very early drawings. When you go inside you'll see them in full color. It's really worth checking out.

The arcade is your typical newer arcade. Thankfully the resort does have one unlike the new Bay Lake Tower resort that opened up near the Magic Kingdom. The arcade only has two games that use pixels, Pac-Man's Arcade Party and the one Ultracade unit that lacks any fighting games. I think it even lacks the Don Bluth Laserdisc games which I really wanted to play for shits and giggles in a Disney resort. The rest is the usual. Racing games, one Tron pinball machine, casual sports games and of course every variety of game to win tickets. From the old standbys of Wack-a-Mole to the new touchscreen App to Arcade Games like Fruit Ninja.

Still my favorite arcade is The Game Station at Disney's Contemporary Resort. I did go visit The Game Station and spoke once again to Henry and Domato. I wanted to get video again but as Dom pointed out I came on the most crowded day in a month. For some reason it was REALLY busy. Thankfully I got some pinball, Outrun 2 SP and F-Zero AX in before I had to go meet up with my family back at EPCOT. It's still a shame the old arcade on the first floor is gone, but with people running the place that care it's still worth checking out and still MUCH better then the one inside of Tomorrowland.

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