Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two-Bits Retro Arcade February 2013 Walkthrough

This weekend I once again visited Two-Bits Retro Arcade on 156 Essex Street to see their new line up of pinball machines and to check out the very first Wizard of Oz in the state of New York. The guys have been doing very well. Thankfully a large group of folks cleared out that were crowded around Super Sprint so I quickly shot the video so I could get as many of the games in as I could. Since the grand opening they've added in a Pac-Man Cab running Namco Museum Volume 2 that lets you play classic and arranged versions of Rally X, Dig Dug and of course, Pac-Man. The other two newly added games were Atari's Paperboy and a really nice Nintendo Punch-Out. The pinball has doubled from three to six tables. Theater of Magic and Junkyard remain with Revenge from Mars, The Addams Family, Indiana Jones and of course, Jersey Jack's Wizard of Oz.

Sorry for not getting any new gameplay of WoZ. Being at a bar it's really crowded and I wasn't going to bring my camera and tripod to record a video since they end up blasting music over the loudspeakers anyway. If you've been keeping up to date with the game you'll know they've already rolled a few machines out to some select locations. The actual boards running the game are still the prototypes, the final versions will be out in a few weeks. The newest added feature is they finally added in all of the components run the Witches Castle in the top left mini-playfield. The monkey now will capture the ball and the ball will stay behind the door. You need to hit the drop target three times to defeat the "Winkie Guards" and then the ball will shoot up onto the playfield. If you can hit all the targets, spell out RESCUE, hit the door to open it and finally sink the ball behind the door you'll start Rescue Multiball. The TOTO lane still hasn't been put in and the scores aren't final yet either. They do have the normal end of ball bonus but they also have a bonus on how many times you advance on the Yellow Brick Road ramp. 

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