Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sega's Airline Pilots

When I was putting the videos I took while I was on my vacation and also from when I went to Vegas into my external hard drive I came across a folder I labeled wrong. Inside I found videos from the first week I had my iPod Touch. This video was shot back in 2011 with 2600 once again at the helm. Since the camera was new to both of us you may notice his finger slip into frame.

This first of the "Lost Videos" is of Sega's Airline Pilots that came out in 1999. This is the deluxe three screen version but it also came out in a smaller one screen unit. As you can see Sega went all out with this game. With a full sized flight yoke, foot peddles and tons of switches and buttons to give you a realistic flight simulator feeling in the arcade. As you can see in the video, even during the training course the game is very strict and will fail you pretty easily. Which is why you don't see many Airline Pilots and also Sega made a conversion kit to turn the game into the more arcade friendly Sega Strike Fighters, which you'll be seeing next. I also want to try to get a video of Sega's F-355 Challenge that also runs on the same three screen Naomi system hardware. Also, some units had Dreamcast VMU support so you could interact with the home version.

Hope you enjoy this video and we'll be back later in the week with another Pinball Arcade video!

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