Wednesday, March 13, 2013

F-Zero AX Arcade Game Found on GameCube Game!!!

The entire F-Zero AX arcade game is hidden on the F-Zero GX GameCube game disc. A post over at Retro Collect has the nitty gritty.


Turns out some hackers were able to find the hidden AX cup as well as the full F-Zero AX arcade game. The AX cup was previously accessible through a cross system save. You had to bring your GameCube memory card to an arcade and connect it to the F-Zero AX arcade cabinet. Once you have done this you could connect your memory card to your GameCube and download the save data in order to access the AX cup in F-Zero GX. The only problem with this was that not many arcades got the F-Zero AX arcade cabinet. Even fewer are currently out in the wild. Now thanks to some dedicated hackers, we know that the full arcade version is tucked away on the F-Zero GX GameCube disc.

This sounds great, but what's even better is how simple it is to access both the AX cup and F-Zero AX. All you need is a GameCube, a copy of F-Zero GX, and either an Action Replay or Gameshark for the GameCube. You can currently purchase a GameCube Action Replay for around $20 - $30 over at or on eBay. Be careful though, you need one of the Action Replay versions that let you enter your own codes. You can also purchase a copy of F-Zero GX for around $20. Once you have everything you just have to enter the following codes:

NTSC Version


PAL Version


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