Thursday, March 14, 2013

F-Zero AX found on F-Zero Gx GameCube Game Action Replay Update

Just a quick update regarding how to access the F-Zero AX arcade on the GameCube game. First not all Action Replays will work. You need an older version that allows you to enter in custom codes.

If you see a gamecube Action Replay with the "works with Wii" caption, skip it. Further research also shows that people are saying that Action Replay version 1.06 does not work with unlocking F-Zero AX. Some people have confirmed that Action Replay version 1.14 does work. According to The Cutting Room Floor, you might be able to get Action Replay version 1.06 to work by skipping the first line of code for the NTSC-U. The Cutting Room Floor also has some codes that are more up to date. These codes, which also includes Geck/Ocarina Codes are posted below:

I also wanted to clarify that these codes don't just unlock the AX cup tracks and hidden players. Lots of people have been griping saying that these codes do not unlock anything new. This is not true because the codes unlock THE WHOLE F-ZERO AX ARCADE GAME. This includes the timed format, arcade screens, everything. Be sure to check out The Cutting Room Floor for even more hidden gems.


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