Friday, March 15, 2013

Shadow Over Mystara and Tower of Doom Coming to XBLA and PSN!

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Early this morning the fine folks over at Siliconera reported that Capcom will be releasing a double pack of both of their classic Dungeon & Dragon's games to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this year.

Dungeon & Dragons News from Siliconera

More will be announced at next weekend's PAX-East convention in Boston. When they post any new information on a release date and trailer, I'll be sure to post them here!

Update! I've added in the newest trailer direct from Capcom Unity and here's the news you need to know. The game will be available this June for the PC,PS3,Xbox 360 and also on the Wii U Shop Channel for 15 dollars which is much, MUCH cheaper then the only home port of the games, the Japanese Sega Saturn version. Which lacks four player multiplayer, has horrendous load times and is all in Japanese. They've also announced "House Rules" where you can change the options around to play the game in different ways. Just like with Final Fight Double Impact their using GGPO net code so everything should run great with drop in, drop out multiplayer! I'll see you online in June!

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