Monday, March 18, 2013

The Pinball Arcade: The Twilight Zone

Here's a look at the first premium table that was added to The Pinball Arcade, Pat Lawlor's The Twilight Zone. The Pinball Arcade version is done well. I thought when they ported the game that the magnets in the Power Field would be too strong but they feel almost like a real Twilight Zone machine so you don't hit the hole 100% of the time. The one thing I noticed is that the Power Ball in the game doesn't handle like a real Power Ball. While the ball is not effected by the game's magnets, it doesn't have a lighter feel to it that made it harder to control. I also would have liked it if they could either have the game remember the last place the Power Ball was or randomize it's placement inside of the machine. Whenever you play the game the Power Ball is always the second ball inside of the gumball machine. Whenever I play a real Twilight Zone machine I always check where the Power Ball is because if you can sink the shot off the right loop you'll start Power Ball Mania Multiball which you can rack up tons of points with. Having the ball in a set spot every time you play, for me is less like a real table. Other then that it's a good port of the table and well worth checking out.

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