Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sega's Strike Fighter

Back with another "Lost Video" for you all this week. Today we're checking out a game that Sega released back in 2000, Strike Fighter. As you can see, it's in the same unit that Airline Pilots came in a year earlier. There was even a kit that Sega sold that you could turn an Airline Pilots into a Strike Fighter with a change of the Naomi CD Rom and a new control panel that included a traditional flight stick and a throttle lever. The game plays a lot like After Burner but with a little more realism thrown in. Your plane controls much like a real plane and you can also use the foot peddles on the bottom of the machine to work the rudders just like in Airline Pilots. The game plays a lot like Afterburner where you'll have bombing run sections followed by dogfighting other planes. It's alright, but I think Sega really nailed it with Afterburner Climax that came out years later. Still worth checking out!

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