Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stern's Limited Edition Magneto version of X-Men

Here's one of the many pinball videos I took while I was at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. At the time this was the newest game in the museum. This is a look at the Limited Edition Magneto version of X-Men. The LE version of X-Men adds in three things that the normal "Pro" model lacks. First off is the Ice Man Ramp. In the LE you can start and Ice Man Scoring Mode where you can continue to shoot the right ramp and the special motorized ramp will switch over to the left to allow you to make combo shots. In the Pro model it's just a normal plastic ramp, so that feature is left out of the game. Also you'll see two pop up targets of Nightcrawler that work a lot like the trolls from Medieval Madness. Finally there is a magnetic spinning disk for Magneto that will hold the balls together on and spin, just like in Sega's Lost in Space pinball machine, but this one works better. (Sorry for not getting it on film, I got it the one day I didn't have my camera)

The major thing to note is I shot this video back in October of 2012. Since the game's release many people have been wanting more gameplay rules and features added. Thankfully this month Stern did release a patch (along with a much needed patch for Transformers) that adds a whole lot more to the game. If I end up seeing another X-Men with updated features, I'll be sure to get another video of it. Till then, enjoy today's video and tune in back with us this weekend for a look at the Zen Pinball version of X-Men!

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