Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SEGA Releasing Arcade Remakes for the Nintendo 3DS


While this may be old news, there is quite a bit of speculation on this topic. SEGA has begun releasing remakes of their classic arcade games for the Nintendo 3DS.


First off, SEGA announced a little while back that they were going to release remakes of four of their classic arcade games for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. These remakes would be presented in 3D with some other extras (widescreen presentation, gyroscope controls, high score saves, etc.). The first remake, 3D Space Harrier was released back in December of 2013. Since then speculation of a Western release has run wild. Some gaming sites have reported that 3D Space Harrier has been given a rating of "G" in Australia while other sites have posted that the game has been confirmed for release in Australia by the Australian Classification Board. 3D Super Hang-On has recently been announced for a March 27th release in Japan, and yet still no word on a North American release for any of these arcade remakes.

While we are waiting for a release announcement, speculation has begun over what the final two arcade remakes will be. Obvious choices include Out Run and After Burner. Both Out Run and After Burner were huge successes in the arcade for SEGA. Both games would also translate well into a 3D presentation. I personally would love to see a 3D remake of Pengo. SEGA was working on a new Pengo game a few years back for the arcade. This was a multiplayer version of the classic Pengo arcade game. The game was scrapped unfortunately. It would be great to see some Pengo love with the inclusion of an online vs. mode. Anyone else as big a Pengo fan as me?

We'll keep everyone posted on any news of the remaining two games, as well as any updates on a North American release. Maybe all four games will be released as pack, possibly even as a physical release?


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