Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Welcome to Game Show!"

Here's another video shot from the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. This time we're checking out Game Show! Bally released this game back in 1990 around the same time as Doctor Dude. I remember playing both Game Show and Doctor Dude side by side in Disney World as a kid. The game has one main ramp you can hit to get a random reward. It also features a two ball multiball mode after you collect all the prizes and an old school bell that chimes when you hit the Showcase Bonanza Jackpot and hit a million point shot on the main ramp. The thing to note is how bright the game is. At the Pinball Hall of Fame most of the games have been converted to LED lights. A lot of people are mixed on the subject because they don't like the way most games look. But at the Hall of Fame it's a cost issue. While the LED's cost more, they last a bit longer then normal bulbs and also cost less to run. When you're dealing with over 200 machines you've got to try to keep the costs down. You'll also notice in the video I don't speak, that's because my throat was killing me from a cold so in this video and a few others it's just straight gameplay without any commentary.

Enjoy the video and we'll be back with another video from the past! Next time we'll be taking a look at Sinistar!

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