Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Games of Pinfest 2013

Now for what you all came to see. The games! Here's a ten minute walkthrough tour of the Allentown Pinfest 2013. This was taken right after I did the video with the dealers area about an hour and a half after the show opened on Saturday morning. People can bring in games they either want to show off or chose to sell them right on the spot. Many of the games have index cards on them that will say who the owner is, a little blurb on the game and if it's for sale or not. Some of the games that were there out on Friday didn't stay for Saturday. (The one row in the beginning of the video had a really nice Elvira and The Party Monsters and Back to The Future)

So if you're planning on buying a game you've got two options. Option one is to get to the show as soon as the doors open. If you see a game you want for a deal grab it before somebody else does. Not even 45 minutes being at the show on Friday my friend Brendan comes up to me and says, "I just got that Party Zone that was outside!" we quickly took the legs off, brought it inside, found a spot in the row and put the machine back together and put it out for everybody else to play. The second option is wait till the very end of the show and hope that somebody doesn't take the game you want and hope somebody will drop their original asking price. I saw a lot of talks a few hours before the show was about to close with people trying to make some last minute deals so they could take a game or two home.

Because many of the games at this show are for sale it's always different every time you go. You might see multiple of the same games other you may not see at all. I was told last year they had a few Stern Spider-Man machines but they didn't have any this year. The one Whitewater machine had the new Color DMD display installed. I wanted to get a video of the new display like how 2600 got the video of The Addam's Family but sadly the lock shot in the game kept getting the ball stuck so I couldn't play through the rest of the game. But the Color DMD for it (as well as the prototype for Cactus Canyon Continued) looked really nice.

Hope you all enjoyed the video! We'll be back on Saturday with Jersey Jack himself and we'll be playing a game on a brand new production model of Wizard of Oz with the newest code!

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