Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wizard of Oz with Jersey Jack! (May 2013)

As promised here's a brand new look at a production model of Jersey Jack Pinball's new Wizard of Oz pinball machine. Even though Jack and Pinball Star brought three tables of the game you still had to wait on a giant line if you wanted to play it. So sorry for not trying to start up another game after I played so lousy in the video. I also tacked on a bonus bit of Jack delivering a machine to a very lucky customer, Bill getting his machine after a very long wait.

They've added in a couple of new modes into this game and yes, more music too! As I said in the video I had a chance to play the game a few months back at Two-Bits Retro Arcade in New York City. While the machine was one of the prototypes it was running different software that the games at the Jersey Jack Factory didn't have. They have added in the RESCUE targets and music in the upper left playfield. The bonus X rollovers now work and give you a bonus. They've also added in the very tough skill shot as well as the melting witch toy now works. The other thing I noticed watching others play the game is the main Multiball has changed from the previous versions. Rather then all three balls spitting out at the same time the game will now spit them out after a second so you can fan the balls out rather then having them screaming back towards you.

I'll be checking back in with more of the Wizard of Oz in the coming weeks and months as the game makes it out into the wild. I know Jon at the skate shop and my buddy Allen will be getting the machine so be on the lookout for more videos as the game gets updated and turned into a fully fledged working machine!

We've got a lot of new stuff coming soon! Including a look at Cactus Canyon Continued, Skit-B Pinball's new Predator Pinball Machine and Sega's brand new arcade game, Dream Raiders! (Not Dream Riders as I say in the video) Plus the end of May means only one thing...FUNSPOT! So keep checking back here, subscribe on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr!

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