Thursday, June 13, 2013

ACAM Unveils Flower

As with every FunSpot tournament Gary and the rest of the ACAM staff always have a few new games they have being worked on that they like to bring out for the tournament. Some get used in the main parts of the tournament like Konami's Jail Break and Namco's Pac & Pal (video on that soon!) but on Saturday we got a truly odd mystery game.

This game is Flower from Komax. It was released in 1986 and little is known about the game and even the company that made it. Gary said he tried looking up the company name and found it's still in use somewhere in Massachusetts he said they tried to reach out to contact them but they never heard back from them. If you look at the high score wall you'll see the names are all Japanese and the game has "Engrish" in it as well. Put a coin in and you get told it's a game for "One player onry"

I have a more full in-depth video with the game I shot on Sunday with the HD camera with a full game and how to pull off the exploit. Seeing how somebody found out how to grind the game for almost two million points when the game wasn't even out for a whole day means that somebody back in 86' had to have found this. All of a sudden you get somebody playing your brand new upgrade game you paid 500 bucks for and they can play it all day.

Stay tuned next week for the full review video of Flower and there might also be another walkthrough video coming soon as well! So be sure to like and follow us for more!

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