Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Pinball Wizard Arcade 2013 (LQ) Walkthrough Tour!

Ah yes, finally! On Sunday Joel and I decided to leave FunSpot early on Sunday to finally visit Sara at the Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham New Hampshire. It's VERY southern New Hampshire, right on the boarder of Massachusetts. Inside this fine place you'll be able to play over 330 arcade games, redemption and pinball machines. According to it's the 3rd largest arcade in the world. Sara takes great care of all her games from the newest Wizard of Oz from Jersey Jack Pinball all the way to Sailor Moon the arcade game that's housed in the 500 pound monster of an old Taito Ninja Gaiden cab.

I didn't get the back party room which had more of Sara's insane collection including a Bally Fireball that was made for the home which you could order from the Sears catalog back in the 1970's for 800 dollars and a couple of other random games. Sara and the staff there are amazing. Just say the word and they'll run right over with a bag full of tools ready to fix the problem. I had a problem with the Earthshaker and it was quickly fixed.

It's WELL worth the visit. I just wish it was easier to get to. It's a place you can spend the whole day and 20 dollars of tokens will fly by really face. Be sure to tune in for more videos from The Pinball Wizard Arcade. I took a lot of videos there with the higher quality camera, so this is just a quicker walkthrough of the place and I miss a few games. The full HD video tour is over 15 minutes long and it will be split into two parts for your enjoyment! So stay tuned, subscribe like and favorite us!

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